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Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale production of various latex foaming machine, integrated development and production. Our main products include latex sponge foaming machine, latex mattress production line, latex pillow production line, latex insole production line, latex toy production line, latex puff production line, carpet gluing machine, the company provides technical guidance! Our company was founded in 2000, we are specialized in research and development of latex foaming machinery industry. We are located in Qingdao with convenient air transportation. Our company established research and development room, laboratory, professional research and development, with natural latex as the main raw material, ...


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  • Ccj-30 automatic latex foaming machine

  • Double head latex foaming machine German technology

  • Automatic mattress production line

  • Model cj-40 automatic latex foaming machine for latex bra

  • Latex bra production line

  • Natural latex automatic production line equipment

  • Automatic Latex Foaming Machine CJ-40 Foaming Machine Products

  • Latex mattress line

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Latex bra production line equipment

he customized latex bra production line has been completed and is ready to be sent to the customer's factory. ...

Production line of latex bra

Latex bra belongs to latex products, which is a popular underwear product at present. It is made of latex bra mechanical equipment....